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Let your imagination run wild.

No experience is needed to enter the special world of digital abstract art. All you need is an eye for appreciating the intricate beauty which evolves automatically within the graphic images that AbstractCurves will generate for you with just a few simple adjustments. The only hard part is knowing when to stop.

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AbstractCurves is a unique graphics design tool which automatically generates one-of-a-kind images so that you can add fantastic effects to your photographs and commercial artwork with ease. It allows you to easily create stunning wallpapers, posters, images, logos and avatars in just a few minutes, all without a steep learning curve.

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Main Window - Graphic generator interface

Unlimited Design Capabilities

You will find yourself getting lost in the program, as the potential for inspiration is limitless. Try superimposing the images you generate onto your own photos using the Transparent Background option and create logos, icons, avatars, etc.

This ensures that any images you wish to use or sell as backgrounds, wallpapers, icons or within your graphic media will be unique to you, the designing artist. For even though the program paints with magical brushes, you're the one who determines the final masterpiece.

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As it is clearly difficult to imagine the unimaginable, we've set up several examples as starting points for your inspirational trips into the unknown abyss of creativity.

Custom Presets

Not only can you create an unlimited number of effects, you have the ability to create and save your own presets. We start you off with over ten galleries with no less than 130 built-in presets.


You can choose any color for your generated image or your background. Along with the ability to use over 30 built-in color palettes with over 7000 colors, you can also create and save your own palettes and color themes. Once you get going, you will realize that the odds of someone both creating and saving the same image as your own masterpiece will be over a billion to one. There's even 16-bit image support.

Release the artist trapped within your soul

Express your creativity with digital imagery

Demo Version

$ 0
  • Works as a standalone application and as a plug-in
  • No image size limits - Up to 32000 px
  • Save images in high quality
  • Scripting support (Plug-in only)
  • Popup nag screens
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Note: Only Available in Digital Download Format

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Full Version

$ 20
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  • All demo features
  • Create, edit and delete palettes
  • Create, edit and delete presets/panel presets
  • Create, edit and delete galleries
  • No popup nag screens